Formatted Micro SD Card by Accident

Question: Formatted MicroSD Card by Accident

Last summer, I went to Hong Kong with my best friends. We visited many beautiful places there and took a lot of photos and videos with my digital camera. My friends asked me to send those photos and videos to them when I got back home. So I connected my digital camera to my computer. Moreover, at that moment, my little sister also came for curiosity. Since I still had other thing to do, I just didn’t keep my eyes on her all the time. And then, when I finished my stuffs and came back to my computer, I found my Micro SD card was formatted. Everything inside it disappeared. But, it is really previous to us all. I want to know if it can be retrieved. And if you know how to deal with this problem, please tell me as soon as possible! Thank you very much! Continue reading Formatted Micro SD Card by Accident